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(no subject) [ 21st Aug 2011 * 02:06 am]
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Yay finally completed my phonics course! I'm free on Saturdays again! Haha but till end of September only. Still got 2 assignments on hand, plus having practicum and new module on Monday. Hopefully i'll do well! :S August is passing by too soon. It's almost the end of the month! Need to take photos of the children and complete their portfolios. And there's Teachers' Day dinner too. Schedule is so packed! Haha alright i'm off to bed! Goodnight! See ya over at Twitter :)

P.S. T.W is a damn major fail. And you too.
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(no subject) [ 10th Aug 2011 * 01:09 am]
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Hello lj i'm back to visit!

FOP (6/8/11)

Mushroom Pot (7/8/11)

It's already August zomg! Many many assignments on hand currently. About 4 essays to write? LOLOL this month is gonna be real crazy! Thank God i'm still enjoying myself so far. Went museum hopping to the Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Philatelic Museum today! Hehe i bought 105 worldwide used stamps at the Philatelic Musuem :) and then dinner with family and had an early celebration for my birthday :)

Meeting up with the JC friends this Saturday for a bbq! And then going to Timbre next Monday! Thank God i can still have a break from the stress that August is bringing me!
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(no subject) [ 30th Jul 2011 * 02:05 am]
[Current Mood |angryangry]


Stupid faggot!
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